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Jobs Opportunities

A new exciting book, Destined To Triumph (CreateSpace, October 2011), is on the Ugandan market.  It was launched on 12-Oct-2012 at Hotel Africana with a huge support from Justice George Kanyeihamba. The book is authored by Julius Babyetsiza, a Ugandan Scholar from Odessa State University of Economics, Odessa, Ukraine.
Destined To Triumph is a deeply-moving autobiography, giving readers highly engaging snapshots into the turbulent life twists and turns that Julius Babyetsiza has waded through. Having lost his father who had already divorced his mother at a very young age [7 years], Babyetsiza’s Destined To Triumph is a story of a typical Ugandan village total orphan, who overcame all odds of growing up and surviving without both parents. From the onset, Babyetsiza had to settle for a life of uncertainty, tilling the land to supplement the support from his elder brother, relatives and friends for his education. He survived the Ugandan corruption fete to win a scholarship to study at Odessa State Economic University in the Ukraine, former Soviet Union, where flamboyantly he obtaines M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Economics and Statistics. When he returned to Uganda, he is beset by gnaws of unemployment, before he purposed to move forward, among others, by writing his real life stories into a fascinating book, Destined To Triumph, you can not afford to miss. In his completeness, man is a commune of husband and wife plus, God willing, children added for continuity purposes. So, Babyetsiza also divulges in sharing his joys and agonies in his cherished relationships with ladies. You are invited to take a look at the book’s recipe by visiting the book’s blog: http://destined-to-triumph.blogspot.com
The book is in all Uganda’s major bookshops. Destined To Triumph has a passionate message to students. As such, a concerted effort is underway to popularize Destined To Triumph/its message in all universities and tertiary institutions as well as a bulk of secondary schools in Uganda—as charity begins at home. Prior rolling out the said concerted effort, a Newletter/Magazine, which is in the pipe line, will be produced. Apart from capturing the major message of the book, the Magazine includes some researched work on readers’ own experiences on the issues highlighted and how they identify with the major issues and concerns that the book vividly highlights and, which the Government of Uganda and its institutions including schools and universities must necessarily address and, address now or risk an educated lot without any production capacity and without a purpose in life. In addition to distribution as a pull out in the New Vision news paper, the magazine will be distributed absolutely free of charge to a bulk of students both in universities and tertiary institutions as well as secondary schools.
The Institute of Knowledge-driven Economy Governance (IKEG) is one of the initiatives that have been formed to respond to the calls in Destined to Triumph. It is a not-for-profit organisation and, a Ugandan indigenous NGO.
1.      Job Title: Liaison Officers
Responsible to: Author Destined To Triumph
General Responsibility
A Liaison Officer (LO) will be responsible for interfacing with the authorities in the schools/universities/institutions/local communities to request for its audience for author to present to them Destined To Triumph and, deliberate of the book’s calls which appeals a lot to students and the general public.  LO will be responsible for deliverables to the particular school/university/institutions/local community— including Destined To Triumph Newsletter/Magazine which will be free of charge as well as marketing, delivering the books, receipting them and, demanding payments for the bought books. The LO will build relationships with their customers and understand the dynamics of their businesses and structure of each respective group.
Specific Duties
Manage inquiries for the designated client group—should the queries be outside the technical abilities of the Liaison Officer then it is the responsibility of the LO to pass on the inquiries to the appropriate channels and inform the client/group of progress.
Manage customer queries for the designated client group—ensuring that all customer queries are logged and the appropriate paperwork is passed onto the appropriate channel including the author and IKEG office.
Oversea delivery of Destined To Triumph Magazine to schools, which will be distributed absolutely free of charge to students and teachers/lecturers.
Oversea delivery of the books, Destined To Triumph, receipt the sales as well as demand payments for the bought books.
Liaise with the respective school/university/institution/community to seek and arrange for audience and platform the author to present and share and deliberate on the calls in Destined To Triumph.
Where applicable, manage client price-books and prepare quotations. Investigate new requests and discuss with the sales team at IKEG
Prepare monthly report for designated client group mapping milestones in planting a reading culture with a case in point of Destined To Triumph, a customers/readers queries and inquiries, if any. Wishing to highlight that one of IKEG’s projects underway is cultivating a reading culture to intervene in Uganda’s reading culture.
Qualifications and Experience
·         Degree or its equivalent
·         Excellent communication and people skills.
·         Experience of working with the school, university and the tertiary institution or the local community in question one would like to work with.
·         Previous experience of working with the school/university/ tertiary institutions/local communities of interest is will be an added advantage. As Destined To Triumph appeals passionately to students, this is grand opportunity for at least one teacher in each school; and at least one lecturer in each higher intuition of learning to boost his/her merge salary.
2.      Job Title: Marketing Officers
Responsible to: Author Destined To Triumph
General Responsibility
To support the development and success of the Marketing function of Destined To Triumph—The book and the Magazine.
To support the development and success of strategies and campaigns for specific marketing campaigns and projects of the book and magazine
Key Responsibilities
1.      In conjunction with the Author, to maximise audience awareness.
2.      To solicit advertisers in Destine To Triumph Magazine.
3.      To maintain and develop positive relationships with all targeted readers of Destined To Triumph and media partners
4.      To help cultivate the lacking reading culture among Ugandans so as to achieve audience development targets and a sustainable level of income from book sales.
5.      To organise and manage specific marketing campaigns and promotional events from conception through to completion.
How to Apply:
Applications indicating three referees with their contact addresses of the school/university/institutions/local community, not excluding telephone contacts  and copies of academic transcripts and certificates should be sent to the following address;
Author Destined To Triumph.
Plot 1468 Bukoto-Kisasi Road, P. O. Box 26122, Kampala, Uganda
Tel/Fax: (+256)414-530487; Mob: (+256)782-188904; Email: bbytsz@yahoo.com /bbytsz@gmail.com
Unlike Marketing Officers where there are limited openings available, as many Liaison Officers are needed as the number of schools; universities; and other institutions of leaning.
Enumerations: A large bulky of authors and publishers offer books to books outlets on terms of “Sale or Return” on commission basis. So, will be the terms into which both Liaison and Marketing Officers will enter into understanding with author Destined To Triumph. Remunerations will be on commission basis of up to 30% of the sales—as high as books are offered to Bookshops by authors and publishers.
For further information, Contacts: 0782-188904 / 0704-601479 and/or email: bbytsz@yahoo.com url: =>http://destined-to-triumph.blogspot.com; =>ttp://knowledgedriveneconomy.blogspot.com; &           =>https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7oSF5PMvI_LdmNURy1VWGR6UnM

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